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    “Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution the time will come when medicine will organize itself into an undercover dictatorship. To restrict the art of healing to doctors and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic.”
    ― Benjamin Rush
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    “You know what's truly weird about any financial crisis? We made it up. Currency, money, finance, they're all social inventions. When the sun comes up in the morning it's shining on the same physical landscape, all the atoms are in place.”
    ― Bruce Sterling
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    Freedom is never given; it is won.
    Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.
    Freedom is something that dies unless it's used. Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes.
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Welcome to Yorkshire4Freedom

Welcome to Yorkshire 4 Freedom

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Tuesday, 27 October 2020 19:06


a government or social system that is controlled or influenced by experts in science or technology; the fact of a government or social system being influenced by such experts - source: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/technocracy


 Video: After the Virus_ The World of 2025 - #PropagandaWatch 



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Monday, 26 October 2020 18:13


government by a ruler or small group of people who have unlimited power over the people in their country or state and use it unfairly and cruelly
source: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/tyranny

State monopoly on violence, in political science and sociology, the concept that the state alone has the right to use or authorize the use of physical force. It is widely regarded as a defining characteristic of the modern state. 
source: https://www.britannica.com/topic/state-monopoly-on-violence



Britain’s Police state/ Tyranny

What is a tyranny? 

A Tyranny is a state in which your freedoms and human rights are taken away, and all powers controlled by a centralised government. In its most extreme version, everything you do, say and read, and everywhere you go, are monitored and controlled by the state. Restrictions are put in place in all aspects of your life. Where and when you can travel, what you buy, even down to what information you are allowed to access.

Is Britain becoming a Tyrannical?

You could say that  a tyrannical British society  has slowly been introduced over the years. Do we really have choice in our political parties? Are we being put under house arrest unnecessarily? Movement and exercise has been restricted, sectors of  the self-employed have being left without an income and having to depend on the state for handouts. Censorship of the internet and freedom of speech eroding day by day and new “emergency” powers for the police, just to name a few.

Where could it be heading?

  • Systematic dismantling of the family structure
  • Censorship of the internet 
  • Mandatory vaccines 
  • Restriction of movement 
  • Small guaranteed income for all those who have lost their jobs or businesses 
  • Cashless society 
  • Monitoring and control by the state using the 5G smart grid   (facial recognition cameras, ANPR camer-as, cell phone monitoring, search history monitoring, smart energy meters)

Is this the Britain you want  to live in?


Tyrannous Legistlation:

Coronavirus Act 2020


Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984:


How can all this legislation with ever changing amendments apply to a man or a woman, it is impossible to keep track of the many documents created each year?


Video - Your Government is a Terrorist Organisation


 Mandatory COVID Camps Begin


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Monday, 26 October 2020 18:11

Cashless Society

What is a cashless society? 

Exactly what is says! All cash phased out to allow for the introduction of a purely digital currency. This could happen sooner than you might think, the mainstream media has already published various articles about the dangers of cash stating it could pass on viruses. Some businesses have already stopped taking cash out of fear of this being true.

Why is that a bad thing? 

Cash is a way of spending and earning money without it being traced or tracked. Since the introduction of credit and debit cards, cash has been In decline. When cash completely disappears, all your spending and earning will be easily accessible, down to what type of underwear you buy! Privacy in your spending and earnings will be a thing of the past. On 19th February 2020, the Telegraph predicted that the UK will be cashless within a decade, however, some commentators are  stating within the year or even sooner!

But I have nothing to hide?

It’s not about hiding, or that only criminals have things to hide, privacy is a human right. Would you want anyone opening your letters before you received them? Would you want all your purchase history being monitored and collated as data for companies to sell you more of their products? Cash has always been a hedge or backup for when we lose trust in the banks. If all currency becomes digital you are handing total control to the banks. Theoretically, the banks could just switch off or erase all of your funds at the touch of a button.
Shouldn’t financial control and freedom be with you?

What will replace cash?

Cashless methods that are already being used or being proposed: 1. Cards 2. Smart Watches/Bracelets 3. QR code 4.RFID chip


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Monday, 26 October 2020 18:08

Food Security


America faces a hunger and nutrition crisis unlike any this country has seen in generations. Today 14 million children are missing meals on a regular basis – a statistic that’s five times worse than before the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s even worse for Latino and Black families, which have seen rates of nutrition insecurity spike to 25% and 30%, respectively.

In many ways, Covid-19 has boiled over long-simmering problems plaguing America’s food system. What began as a public health crisis fuelled an economic crisis, leaving 33 percent of families unable to afford the amount or quality of food they want. School closures put 30 million students at risk of losing the meals they need to learn and thrive.   Source

Download the report at the bottom of this page


Food is currently increasing in price as producing countries have experienced disasters on many fronts, a lack of crop pickers, the shutdown of abetoirs due to COVID testing and other factors

This food crisis does not seem as prevelent in the UK at this current moment [Nov 2020], but looking further afield warns us to prepare with the goal of providing food security for your family, your community collective, or yourself.

Prepping isn't just for the hard core, we can all learn new skills, or stock a little extra long storage food items, and think about water or kooking facilities should a disaster hit the UK.

Example foods that have the longest shelf life that you may be buying anyway that could provide good nutrition:

  • Dried Pasta
  • Lentils and Legumes
  • Dried Beans
  • Dehydrated fruit and Vegatables
  • Dried Potato
  • Canned Meat & Fish




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The Cyberpandemic has Begun: SolarWinds + FireEye - Anything can happen now


HOLODOMOR 2.0: Man Made Famine & Election Chaos

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